The Online Casino Blacklist: Some Casinos are Naughty

These are mainly names used by the casino to identify players attempting to trick the system in the gambling sector. You’ve undoubtedly seen several television and film productions featuring con artists as the main characters.

However, in the online casino business, these names may also be used to describe a rogue casino — an operator that, for whatever reason, believes it is OK to defraud players of their money. These scumbag casino operators hide behind the anonymity of the internet, using any means possible to draw players to their establishments, only to find every trick conceivable to pocket the money without ever paying out a dollar.THE

We take pleasure in hunting down the worst of the worst as a site committed to delivering you the most honest, up-to-date evaluations of casino sites. These unscrupulous casinos eventually wind up on our Casino Blacklist.

It is vital to emphasize that this is actually (at least for the time being) a small group of rotten apples tarnishing the rest of the business. Unfortunately, since many of these idiots' true identities cannot be found, we are confined to warning you which companies to avoid and encouraging you to continue posting on sites like this when you encounter anything out of the norm. Over the years, the online casino industry has done a fantastic job of police itself; the more we call out these fraudsters, the less likely another player would fall victim to their trap.

What does it mean to be a Blacklisted Casino?

The most prevalent complaint from online casino players is that their withdrawal is taking long or not paid. It usually happens like this: a casino claims the withdrawal may take up to 30 days to complete, and then the excuses begin about why the payout is delayed. Following that, either a partial payment is made, or the money does not appear. Online casino gamers are astute; many use such ruses and public forums to expose the operators. However, rogue casinos are unconcerned and will continue to take money from their committed customers.

Use licensed software.

The point of licensed software is that it’s regulated and checked to ensure players’ safety. The last thing you want is to use pirated software and find out that the casino is cheating you.

Legitimate casinos are often regulated by a country, providing players with the assurance that the proprietors have been thoroughly verified and that their money will be secure. As with everything else in this field, there are workarounds; other nations provide "licenses" with significantly less rigorous, if any, regulations. In extreme circumstances, a rogue casino may put a logo from one of these regulating bodies on their website without applying.

Without the assistance of a professional, pirated software is challenging to identify. Essentially, an operator hacks the program to prevent it from being controlled by the software company. This allows users to use the program without paying for it and change the paytable setup to anything they wish. These operators are frequently found hiding away in Russia and Ukraine, which is a dubious way of doing business.

You’ll never get something for nothing.

We are seeing very generous Deposit Bonuses regularly these days - offers as high or even higher than 1,000%! This is a reminder not to participate in any offers for casinos that are too good to be true. Many of these places may promise shady or exaggerated benefits, and your time and money will be best spent elsewhere.

Can A Casino Get off the Blacklist?

To be clear, we do not want a Blocklist at all. In an ideal world, everyone participating in the online casino industry is honest, and no one is attempting to defraud you of your money. But the world doesn't seem to operate that way, so here we are, tracking down the evil guys.

In some instances, an incident permits us to remove someone off this list after much thought and deliberation. It usually includes a white knight, another site, or owner who steps in and deals with whatever problem caused the casino to be placed on the Blacklist in the first place. We don't hold out much hope for a rogue casino; the chances are that they will either go out of business or continue to defraud you before they attempt to set things right.

The Blacklist

Online casinos have been around for many years, but the internet has recently made it a lot easier to find them. Some online casinos abuse this situation to try to scam people out of their money. It's important to support the good casinos and avoid the dirty ones. It will make the whole industry better for everyone.

We know this saying goes against the grain, but it's just a good idea to be wary of all online casinos and not just ones that we've seen in the press. Most online casinos are legitimate, but you never can be too careful. That said, these are some of the most well-known casino scams that you should stay away from.

Cyberrock Entertainment
Cyberrock Entertainment has been around for many years and has always been slow about paying jackpots. This is terrible because the worst feeling in the world is when you win, but the casino won’t payout. Avoid this casino and save yourself the headache.
FutureBet Casinos
These casinos don’t pay anyone, including players and business partners. Forget winning at these casinos. Once you’ve given them money, it’s gone. You’ll never get paid your jackpots.

Choosing the best online casino to play at can be a hassle, but we're here to make it easier. There are many rogue casinos out there that will trick you into signing up with them. That is why we have made a website - to designate safe and secure sites for our users.

There's one way to minimize your chances of losing your hard-earned money, and that's by being diligent. With online casinos, you can find trusted service providers who will keep you safe and provide you with fair odds.

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