Bitstarz Online Casino Review

In addition to having games of exceptional quality that were well organized and put out, Bitstarz also provides incentives and promos that were well thought out, excellent customer service (which we experienced firsthand), and free withdrawals, which is almost unheard of these days. In addition, the site offers free spins merely for registering an account (not for making a payment), and all of their games may be played without registering an account if you wish to check out the quality before reporting. These are indications of a website that is as confident in its product as it should be in its customers.

Games Variety

With some of the most excellent and fastest loading graphics we've seen, BitStarz offered some of the highest quality games we've seen to date. Every one of their games is on the whole show, and you can play them without ever having to create an account if you want to try them out first. This is done because they are confident in the quality of their products and are willing to stand behind them. There are numerous high-quality options available and live dealer games to pick from. Their games are worth checking out. We deducted a quarter-point because we would have liked to have seen some sponsored game options included in the game.


We were fully expecting BitStarz to be a Bitcoin-only service or to have a few shoddy alternatives to Bitcoin as a payment option. We're not sure if we could have been any more incorrect in our assumptions. BitStarz wins the cake regarding flexibility, with 13 distinct deposit choices and nine different withdrawal options to choose from. Not only that but all of their withdrawals, except one, are fee-free. We deducted half a point since their deposits have very modest costs linked to them, which we found unusual, but this is more than offset because their withdrawals are entirely free.

User Interface

Everything on the BitStarz platform is well labeled and easy to navigate through. The games can be organized in various ways, and there is even a search tool available for them. The graphics and layout were done correctly, and they perform a fantastic job of enhancing the user's experience and making it far more impressive. We strongly encourage you to visit the site at least once to see what we're talking about. The site's overall quality and feel are immediately apparent, and it makes for a far better overall experience from the moment you first step into their digital ground floor.

Banking Options

The banking component of BitStarz took us by surprise the most and by a significant margin. We expected that a site with the word "Bit" in the name would be a Bitcoin-only site or a site that used Bitcoin as the primary method of depositing and withdrawing with a few other minor options that weren't appealing.

BitStarz, on the other hand, offers a plethora of various alternatives, many of which are superior to those provided by many non-Bitcoin businesses. Most of their withdrawal alternatives were fully charge-free (one option had a 0.2 percent fee) and were either instantaneous or required 1-3 banking days to process, which was a huge perk. This is unheard of from most sites in the industry and should be sufficient justification for you to want to check out this site. Surprisingly, some fees were associated with the deposit alternatives since this is usually the case with the sites themselves. On the other hand, the prices were minimal, and they provided various options for you to choose from that were fee-free, so they were readily avoidable.

On top of all of this, they performed an excellent job of clearly presenting all of the facts regarding deposits and withdrawals. This is terrific news because there is nothing more frustrating than attempting to get money onto or off a website and not figuring out what alternatives are available to you or how they operate.

Promotional Bonuses

We've come to expect high-quality service from BitStarz in every part we review, which is a positive development. When it comes to bonuses and promotions, they have not disappointed us once again. Numerous welcome and deposit bonuses, individual game promotions, and a rake-style race competition are available. These incentives are all spelled out on the website, with all critical information readily available without the need to contact customer service to ask them to clarify things for you.

Welcome Bonus

In their casino, BitStarz advertises that you can obtain 20 free spins without ever making a deposit and that you can do so simply by registering an account. Even if you do not intend to play at this casino in the long run, it may be worthwhile to take advantage of this promotion and, at the very least, try your luck at winning the free spins. This is another example of a promotion that is typically only offered by casinos who are incredibly confident in their product and believe that after you have tried it out, you will return for more action.

Customer Service

BitStarz's customer support choices were excellent, and they also offered something that we'd only seen a couple of times before and that we thought was very innovative. First and foremost, they provided live chat support, which is an absolute necessity in today's online gaming world. They also have access to email help and social media support via Twitter and Facebook, among other avenues. This is something we don't see very often from websites these days, which is surprising given the state of the world today.

Additionally, the site provided phone help, which we've seen previously, but they also offered the opportunity for you to request a phone call directly from the website. This means that you won't have to be concerned about any expenses associated with making the call, and you won't have to be worried about being placed on hold while waiting to speak with an agent. If they're experiencing higher-than-normal call volumes, you won't have to spend your time staring at the phone, waiting for an agent to arrive on the line. We don't see this excellent customer service feature too often
BitStarz also promotes that every one of its customer support agents must have at least three years of customer service experience before being considered for employment with the company. It is also said that their "Support Heroes" are exceptionally knowledgeable in all aspects of the business. If all of this is genuine (as it appears to be), they have set the bar for customer service in the whole industry.


This casino hired the right people and developers, who had combined their talents to build an excellent product in a bit of package. The combination of high-quality games, free withdrawals, and innovative promos that are clearly explained and do not require opt-in makes it challenging to keep your nose clean.

The only thing we'd want to see them do away with is the small deposit fees, but we can live with that for the time being, given the rest of the bonuses and the fact that withdrawals are free and rapid. The casino is well worth checking out, mainly because you can check out and play all of the games without creating an account.

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