Online Roulette

rouletteRoulette is definitely one of the more fun and exciting games that you can play at a casino.

This can seem a little odd considering just how random the game is. Nonetheless, the excitement coupled with the ease of the game makes it a popular choice for many people. With both traditional as well as online roulette, you cannot possibly influence the final outcome of the game. Even so, it cannot hurt to be prepared.

You should understand the basics involved as well as how the game operates. Here is some of the information that you should have on hand:

Understanding Roulette

There are two different types of Roulette wheels. The European wheel has 37 slots, these are numbered between 0 and 36. The American wheel has 38 slots, with an extra 00 present. This gives the casino utilizing these wheels a 5.26 percent House Edge.

The slots are alternating red and black, with the 0 and the 00 in green. The numbers are not consecutive or next to one another. Instead, they are in a random formation.

The concept is incredibly easy to grasp. The croupier (the Roulette dealer) will spin the wheel. The small ball is thrown in the opposite direction. Once the ball has been tossed, the players around the table will begin making bets as to where the ball will land and remain. The players will make assumptions regarding the number as well as the color of the slot. Once the ball begins to slow down, the dealer will stop accepting bets.

You are offered several choices when it comes to making a decision about where the ball will land. You can opt to pick a particular color and number. If you not, you can choose manqué – this refers to all of the numbers between 1 and 18. The passé takes the numbers from 19 to 36 into account. If you pick pair, you assume the ball is going to land on an even number. Impair is if you believe it will land on an odd number. You can also make rouge or noir choices, indicating the color of the slot.

The board next to the Roulette wheel is actually a replication of the wheel. Here, however, the numbers are in consecutive order. You will be required to drop your chips on the options that you feel are the best. Each player is provided with different colored chips to avoid confusion. Find out which are the best US casinos for online roulette.

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Playing Online Roulette

The experience with playing online Roulette and traditional Roulette are quite similar. In most instances, the online casinos will offer you a view of a live dealer. You will then be able to place your bets as you wish. Here, instead of colored chips however, the chips will have denominations.

As with most online casino games, you can actually play this game completely risk free in the beginning. You can play online Roulette without having to place a bet. This will help you to understand just how the game works.

Even with online Roulette, there are many different versions available. It is important to know exactly which version you are playing. Even then, you should always peruse the instructions to make sure that you know how to play that particular game.

Roulette Strategies

Roulette is a game that is completely based on chance and perhaps the laws of physics. As such, there is no real way to determine which slot the little ball will land in. The only thing you can adjust is the way that you bet in this game. There are two types of bets available with this game – inside bets and outside bets. These refer to the areas on the Roulette wheel.

The inside bet refers to the slot or range of slots that you believe that the ball will fall into. With this, you can make straight bets involving just one number. You can also wager on two numbers that are adjacent to one another. Street involves three numbers on the same horizontal line. Corner is when the player bets on four numbers. The line bet is when you place a wager on six numbers

The outside bet depends on the grouping of the slots, the colors, and whether the numbers are odd or even. You can bet on red, black, even, and odd – this is known as an even money bet. Dozens bet refers to the wager placed on twelve consecutive numbers. Column bets involve twelve numbers as well but in one of the three vertical lines.

These are the most important things that you will need to consider when playing Roulette. In the end, you should remember that this is a game of chance.


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